Midland Community Center: I Pledge


The project I created for the Greater Midland community is called the “I Pledge…” campaign. I took what Midland Community Center was already doing, customers writing why they pledge to workout. Plus the Community Center’s own saying, “be greater” and combined both to come up with a motivational collateral. Coming up with ideas for the motivational fitness campaign, I first looked to fitness brand advertisements from Nike and Under Armor. Most of their advertisements have motivational quotes and sayings to sell their product. Under Armor has their own “I will” campaign while Nike has more inspirational quotations from celebrity athletes to sell their products. Inspired by what they did I came up with this theme of using photos and the “I pledge…” quotations and word cloud posters that works with the quotation as well. I thought it was important to have a text based piece because of it being intriguing to the eye to look at while working out or when passing by. However, it was also important to have photo posters because our eyes are attracted to photos.


Five-Fold Zig-Zag Brochure, Mailing Cards, Posters,

TV Slide Ads


Publication and Typography


Midland Community Center


Photoshop, InDesign, & iMac